Just another way to say it ・ Sophia Attigui
Just another way to say it

Alongside the printed page, written language is represented in various forms. Public space is filled with messages of all kinds written by the individuals that inhabit it. Through these interventions of self-expression, different forms of written and oral language have been born that go unaccounted for in the history of communication. Each of these methods has its own formal and conceptual qualities, as well as its own history and background. These tools represent an untold history of graphic design that has existed and developed alongside the popular communication tools of print publishing, radio, television and the internet. The present book is a compilation of the most subjective compendium of analog communication tools to date from a historical and cultural point of view. It browses through significant events in human history and brings to light cultural practices from all over the world. Publication made under the supervision of Laura Pappa.