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Fear and Loathing in the EU assembles bureaucratic and administrative experiences of non-EU nationals within the Union. It is part of Sophia Attigui's ongoing research project exploring her position as a voyager among lands, nations and societies.

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I hire a lawyer so I get help dealing with my arbitrary expulsion from the territory.
I am told to leave Belgium within 30 days because my application for a resident permit has not been approved. I am a student.
I cannot have access to basic services as necessary as health insurance because the municipality of my city has been late delivering my resident permit. I ask about an approximative delivery date and all I get is raised eyebrows.
I have to pay a 300 euros fine because I asked for the renewal of my resident permit five months too late.
Having been in France for 4 years, I am told that I have to necessarily enroll in a masters program in order to renew my resident permit. But I actually would like to apply for other bachelor studies.